Standard Piezo Elements Offered by Piezo Direct

Piezo Direct has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to manufacture the best piezo elements to meet your needs. Our company provides a complete range of high-quality piezo elements and products to our reputable valued clients and partners. Our engineering team are piezo experts with the technical knowledge and resources to provide piezo elements designed specifically for your requirements and application. The services and piezo products offered span from classic applications, such as ultrasonic nebulizers and atomizing transducers, to highly complex custom orders.

Piezoelectric elements are staples in many industries and are noted for their vital roles in almost all applications. Piezo elements are often seen in aviation, automotive, medical, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, and increasingly unique applications every day.

A Vast Range of Piezo Products Readily Available for You

Piezo Direct takes pride in offering an extensive range of piezo products, including piezo actuators, piezo sensors, piezo transducers, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasound transmitters, and ultrasonic nebulizers.  While all piezo elements from Piezo Direct are custom made, Piezo Direct offers a range of standard piezo elements with different specifications that have tooling readily available. These standard products can either be ordered as is, or custom adjusted to meet your required specifications. Our experienced engineers will gladly assist you in finding your preferred products. Some of the available options are:

Multilayer Stack Piezo Actuators

Multilayer piezo stack actuators use the combined expansion of multiple piezo elements stacked together to generate large force and precise linear displacement. Piezo stack actuators offer extremely powerful, yet precise movement, making it an ideal tool in many industrial, high-force applications. Displacement is proportional to the height of the stack, and the higher the voltage, the larger the displacement. Learn more about Piezo Direct multilayer piezo stack actuators here.

stack actuator
Multilayer piezo stack actuator
piezo disc
Piezoelectric discs

Piezoelectric Discs

Piezoelectric discs convert electrical energy to mechanical or vice versa. Piezo discs can be utilized as sensor, transducer, or actuator piezo elements. Disc piezo elements are often found in automotive functions, sound production and amplification, liquid and fluid level measurement, and ultrasonic applications. Due to their small, thin, lightweight construction, piezo discs are extremely efficient and consume very little power. Piezo discs have the ability to operate in extreme temperatures and environments while yielding high frequency and transient response. Learn more about disc piezo elements here.

Strip Piezoelectric Actuators

Piezoelectric strip bending actuators are also referred to as piezoelectric benders because of the bending motions these electric strips produce to deflect. Piezo bending strips, unimorph and bimorph alike, can displace in one direction and/or both directions depending on the direction of polarization when DC voltages are applied. Strip piezo actuators and sensors are commonly utilized in valve and pump controls, accelerometers, sound production, touch switches/controls, and fine machinery. Learn more about strip piezo actuators here.

piezo sensor
Piezo bending actuators and sensors
piezo atomizers
Ultrasonic nebulizers

Piezoelectric Atomizers

Piezo atomizers and ultrasonic nebulizers can be used in commercial and medical applications that need piezo elements for precise solution release. Ultrasonic oscillation disrupts the surface of the fluid with mechanical vibrations that forces the fluid to break apart into small droplets, expelled through a mesh layer on the piezo atomizing transducer, creating mist. Consistent predefined droplet sizes, long life, no audible noise, and the lightweight and compact nature of piezo atomizing transducers make them ideal ultrasonic nebulizers for medical nebulizers, air humidifiers, aroma diffusers, paint sprayers, cleaning devices, and much more. The hole size of the mesh screen can be customized to meet the flow rate and atomizing requirements.

Piezo Direct can produce piezo elements in standard sizes and shapes or fully custom specifications to meet your specific application requirements. Our company has plenty of piezo products and ultrasound nebulizers to choose from, so don’t hesitate to browse our website and contact us for inquiries and more information. An experienced piezo engineer is ready to assist you in utilizing high quality, premium custom piezo elements in your design.

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