Markets Served

Piezo Direct serves a wide range of industrial and commercial markets with our custom piezo components. We excel in producing and delivering some of the most difficult and challenging piezo ceramic products. To explore more applications in detail, please read more about our fully customizable piezo components – piezo actuators, piezoelectric sensors, and piezoelectric transducers.

Piezoelectricity is a rapidly growing resource to improve the efficiency and functionality of many household and industrial equipment. Piezo components can generate electricity through the piezoelectric effect, in which piezo elements can produce an electrical signal when a mechanical force is applied. Piezoelectric sensors rely of this effect for reading measurements. The inverse piezoelectric effect occurs when an electrical voltage is applied to a piezo element, causing the piezo crystals to deform and generate displacement. Piezo actuators rely on this effect to produce fine and precise movement.

The broad capabilities of piezo elements are extremely diverse, and piezo elements implemented into machines and equipment can vastly improve their accuracy, efficiency, and functionality. Because piezo components are small, consume little power, and tolerant of extreme temperatures and environments, they are ideal for industrial, medical, automotive, commercial, nuclear, hydraulics, and aerospace applications. From laboratory devices to watches and alarms, there are limitless opportunities to utilize piezo elements in almost any applications.

Here are some of the major industries where our piezo components are used:



Medical & Life Science

Aerospace & Automotive

Injection Valve



Nano Positioning


Emerging Technology

Sound Production

Piezo GPS
GPS piezo component
RFID Piezo Component
RFID piezo component
Ultrasonic piezo
Piezo elements in various shapes and sizes are used across a wide range of industries and applications.