Piezo Rings

Piezo rings have a variety of functions and are suitable for numerous applications. When a voltage is applied, the piezoceramic deforms and/or vibrates. A DC voltage will cause the piezo plate to deform, allowing the ring to function as an actuator. An AC voltage will cause the piezo ring to vibrate. This is the most common function of a piezo ring actuator. Piezo rings are often used for ultrasonic vibrations, either in ultrasonic scalers for dental applications, or in ultrasonic welders. Conversely, if mechanical strain (vibration or pressure) is introduced to the piezo element, it generates a current. The latter effect allows the piezo ring to function as a sensor.

Piezo ring actuators are a specific type of multilayer stack actuator in the shape of a ring.  The hole in the center of the ring allows other connections with outside wires.  Piezo ring actuators are specially developed to perform under harsh environments.  They are very stable, offering high force, quick response, and high precision.  The small dimensions and light weight of the piezo ring actuator demonstrate a flexible range of movements and precision.  The piezo ring actuators are small enough to be insulated with wire leads or without connecting wires.  They are reliable and can last a lifetime. 

Piezo Direct offers a variety of piezo rings. Shape, finish, material, dimensions, and performance levels can all be customized! Piezo Direct’s rings are suitable for numerous applications. Unsure what you need? Contact us! Piezo Direct is more than happy to work with you to design a custom piezo part to meet your application requirements.

Piezo Ring Actuator
Piezo ring actuator

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