Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Piezoelectric manufacturers like us provide various types of piezoelectric ceramics for different market sectors.

Some of our Piezoelectric ceramic applications include:

  • Medical – Bone conduction hearing aids, Ultrasonic surgical instruments
  • Communications – Antennas, Sensors
  • Optics – Fiber positioning, turntable lasers

As the technology for piezoelectricity advances, there will be more and more products that use piezoelectric materials. One of the best examples is the future of eco-friendly energy. Let’s say you make a road with piezoelectric ceramic elements, anyone who walks on it will generate kinetic energy. This energy can then be stored and used for a variety of purposes.

This has already been tested in multiple places. For example, in Brazil, there is a special soccer field which converts the energy from players running on the field along with solar panels to power LED lights at night. Just imagine applying this technology to roads in densely populated areas like San Francisco. The energy generated from human traffic could be used to power the city.

Here are just a few other examples of applications that utilize piezoelectric ceramics. To view more specific applications, please read about our fully customizable piezo actuators, piezoelectric sensors, and piezoelectric transducers.

Ultrasound Beauty Instrument
Turntable Laser
Bone Conducting Hearing Aid
Heat Sensor
Ultrasonic Instrument