Strip Bending Actuators

(unimorph and bimorph)

A bimorph is a cantilever used for actuation or sensing which consists of two active layers. It can also have a passive layer between the two active layers. In contrast, a piezoelectric unimorph has only one active (i.e. piezoelectric) layer and one passive (i.e. non-piezoelectric) layer. Bending will occur when a DC voltage is applied to the part.

Custom piezo strip actuators can be manufactured as a piezoelectric bimorph or unimorph.

If none of these products match your requirements, click here to learn more about working with our engineers to build a custom piezo component.

  1. Small
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Large displacement and force
  4. Fast response
  5. Reliable and durable

1. Needle selection mechanism for Weft machines.
2. Jacquard Combo for Weave machines.
3. Braille reader with coding actuator.
4. Fast Valve controls.
5. Optical systems, i.e. shutter controllers.
6. Intelligent Locks, Inkjet printer, Fiber optical scanner and etc.

Weft Machine (Jacquard Machines)
High Speed Jacquard Wrap Knitting Machines
Model Dimensions
LxWxT (mm)
Bi-directional Displacement
(1 Hz, mm)
Bending Force
Current Leakage
(1V, 100Hz, nF)
QDTE60-20-0.53-1 60x20x0.53 ≥0.75 (@96V) ≥300 ≤0.6 270 – 450
QDTE56-7.2-0.76-1 56×7.2×0.76 1.2≤S≤1.7 (@180V) ≥20 ≤0.5 36 – 54
QDTE52-7.0-0.82-1 52×7.0x0.82 ≥0.9 (@190V) ≥300 ≤0.5 36 – 54
QDTE52-7.0-0.77-1 52×7.0x0.77 ≥1.2 (@190V) ≥300 ≤0.6 40 – 62


(1) The above specifications are for references only, please confirm with our engineer before ordering.
(2) Custom parts available, please inquire with your requirements.

Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ ± 60℃ (14°F ± 140°F)
Operating Humidity Range: ≤ 70%

QDTE60-20-0.53-1 can be driven by 48-50VDC @ 1Hz-130Hz for either direction
QDTE52-7.0-0.82/0.77-1 can be driven by 170-200VDC @ 1Hz-30Hz for one direction only.