Piezo Rings

Piezoelectric Rings

Piezo rings have a variety of functions and are suitable for numerous applications. When a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric ring deforms and/or vibrates. A DC voltage will cause the piezoelectric ring to deform, while an AC voltage will cause the piezo ring to vibrate allowing the ring to function as a piezo actuator. Conversely, if mechanical strain (vibration or pressure) is introduced to the piezoelectric ring, it generates a current. The latter effect allows the piezo ring to function as a piezoelectric sensor. Both these principles can be used interchangeably in ring piezoelectric transducers.

Piezo rings are small, versatile, and durable. They generate high power and are stable in extreme environments. Piezoelectric rings are often assembled into different shapes, stacks, and configurations to achieve the desired result, be it ultrasonic cleaning or nanopositioning.


  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Ultrasonic scalers
  • Ultrasonic welders
  • Optics and laser medical technology
  • Microscopy and nanopositioning
  • Shock and vibration measurement


Piezo Direct offers a variety of piezo rings. Shape, finish, material, dimensions, and performance levels can all be customized! Piezo Direct’s rings are suitable for numerous applications. Unsure what you need? Contact us! Piezo Direct is more than happy to work with you to design a custom piezoelectric ring to meet your application requirements.

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Piezo rings can be an actuator, sensor, or transducer.
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Piezoelectric ring

Ring Piezo Actuators

Detailed Mechanics

Piezo actuators in a ring shape are often stacked and typically used in circular multilayer stack actuators. Separately finished piezoelectric rings are stacked and the hole in the center of the piezo ring allows other connections with outside wires. Ring piezo actuators in a multilayer stack can achieve several forms on displacement depending on the construction, including longitudinal and shear. Piezoelectric ring actuators are specially developed to perform under harsh environments. They are very stable, offering high force, quick response, and high precision. The small dimensions and light weight of the piezoelectric rings demonstrate a flexible range of movements and precision.


Piezoelectric ring actuators are often used for ultrasonic vibrations, either in ultrasonic scalers for dental applications, or in ultrasonic welders. Ultrasonic dental and cleaning equipment rely on the fast vibrations of piezo actuators to generate ultrasonic power when an electrical voltage is applied. In ultrasonic welders, ring shaped piezoelectric transducers achieve high frequency vibrations when electrically charged. The friction from the rapid ultrasonic vibrations of the piezo element produces the heat needed for welding.

Piezo rings are also commonly found in nanopositioning, microscopy, and precision machining. As a multilayer stack actuator, piezo rings are used in optics, laser, microscopy, and nanopositioning. The piezo ring actuators are small enough to be insulated with wire leads or without connecting wires, making them reliable and able to last a lifetime.

Ring Piezo Sensors

Detailed Mechanics

Ring shaped piezoelectric sensors harness mechanical energy and translate it into a proportional electrical output. When the ring piezo sensor is deformed or vibrates, the ring piezoelectric sensor produces an electrical output proportional to the mechanical input that caused the deformation or vibration of the ring piezo element. Ring piezoelectric sensors can also measure ultrasonic vibrations to generate power. Ring shaped piezo sensors are most commonly utilized in piezoelectric transducer assemblies and work in conjunction with piezoelectric actuators.


Ring piezoelectric sensors are often used to measure distance, fluid levels, and air or liquid flow. This is usually done via the piezoelectric effect by converting ultrasonic energy into electrical energy. The ring piezo sensor measures the ultrasonic vibrations and produces an electrical output proportional to the incoming mechanical energy. Piezoelectric rings are also used in accelerometers, which translates changes in mechanical acceleration, vibration, or shock into a measurable electrical output. Ring piezoelectric sensors are often utilized in data acquisition systems in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing applications to analyze vibration data from machinery in real time.

Ring Piezo Transducers

Detailed Mechanics

Ring piezoelectric transducers piezoelectric are the most commonly used ring shaped piezo element. Ring piezo transducers are able to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy (like a piezoelectric sensor), and/or convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (like a piezo actuator). Piezoelectric transducers in a ring shape are typically used in stack actuator and ultrasonic applications. They are reliable, long lasting, and have very fast response times with the ability to measure or create ultrasonic vibrations.


Ring piezoelectric transducers are often used in ultrasonic applications, including ultrasonic cleaners, generators, humidifiers, processors, and welders. In ultrasonic processors, the piezo transducer ring receives and electrical signal and converts it into a mechanical ultrasonic vibration that travels to the probe tip to produce the desired result. The mechanical result can be translated back into a readable electrical output to be measured. The ability to produce and measure ultrasonic vibrations is a powerful resource, making piezoelectric transducer rings a viable and efficient solution. In medical applications, ring piezo transducers are also utilized in ultrasound equipment and imaging.