Piezo Atomizer

Piezo Atomizer

Piezo Direct makes atomizers in a single chip type. A piezo atomizer can ultrasonically vibrate and atomize liquid when an electrical signal with the proper frequency is applied.

Single Chip Atomizer

  • The sides of metal mesh atomize liquid
  • Driving voltage: 50~70Vp-p
  • Sine signal with frequency correspond to the atomizer
  • Operating temperature range: -10~45°C
  • Environment humidity ≤ 75%

What Are Examples Of A Piezo Atomizer?

Piezo atomizers find diverse applications across various industries, offering efficient and controlled atomization. Here are a few examples of how piezo atomizers are utilized:

  1. Medical and Healthcare: Piezo atomizers are commonly used in medical and healthcare applications, such as inhalation therapy devices and nebulizers. These atomizers convert liquid medications into fine aerosol particles, allowing patients to inhale them for targeted respiratory treatments.
  2. Agriculture: In agricultural settings, piezo atomizers are employed in crop spraying systems. They efficiently atomize pesticides, fertilizers, and plant growth regulators, ensuring precise and uniform distribution over plants. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of crop protection and enhances overall agricultural productivity.
  3. Personal Care and Cosmetics: Piezo atomizers are utilized in personal care and cosmetic products, including facial misters, air fresheners, and fragrance diffusers. These atomizers disperse fine droplets of water or scented liquids, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience.
  4. Printing and Coating: Piezo atomizers play a crucial role in inkjet printing and coating applications. They enable precise and controlled deposition of ink, coatings, or adhesives onto surfaces. The ability to generate small droplets with high accuracy ensures sharp prints and even coatings in industries such as textile printing, 3D printing, and surface coating.
  5. Fuel Atomization: In the automotive and aerospace sectors, piezo atomizers are utilized for fuel atomization in combustion systems. By atomizing the fuel into a fine spray, efficient and clean combustion can be achieved, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

These examples highlight the versatility and wide-ranging applications of piezo atomizers. Their ability to generate fine droplets with high precision and efficiency makes them indispensable in various industries that require controlled atomization processes.

Piezo Direct offers piezo atomizers for various applications with fully customizable options.
Piezo Atomizer diagram

Piezo Direct – Piezo Atomizer Manufacturer

Piezo Direct is a worldwide manufacturer of piezo atomizers, specializing in the production of high-performance and efficient atomization devices. The manufacturing process at Piezo Direct combines advanced technologies with meticulous attention to detail to create superior piezo atomizers.

The production of piezo atomizers begins with the selection of top-quality piezoelectric materials. Piezo Direct carefully sources materials known for their excellent piezoelectric properties and durability, ensuring consistent and reliable atomizer performance.

Piezo Direct utilizes precision manufacturing techniques to shape the piezoelectric materials into the desired atomizer designs. This involves precise cutting, dicing, and shaping processes to achieve the desired atomizer geometry and dimensions. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment are employed to ensure high precision and accuracy throughout the manufacturing stages.

The next step involves the assembly of the piezo atomizer. Piezo Direct meticulously bonds the piezoelectric elements and carefully aligns them with the atomizer structure. This ensures optimal electrical contact and efficient energy transfer to create the desired atomization effect.

To ensure exceptional quality, each piezo atomizer undergoes stringent testing and validation processes. Piezo Direct conducts comprehensive performance tests, including atomization efficiency, flow rate, and droplet size analysis. These tests guarantee that the atomizers meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Piezo Direct’s expertise in customization allows them to work closely with customers to meet their specific requirements. They offer tailored solutions, such as custom atomizer designs, varying frequencies, and different nozzle configurations, to cater to diverse application needs.

With their dedication to precision manufacturing, stringent quality control, and customer-oriented approach, Piezo Direct has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality piezo atomizers. Their atomizers find applications in various industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and industrial processes, enabling efficient and precise atomization for a wide range of applications.

Piezo atomizers possess several key features that make them valuable for atomization applications.

Here are some of the notable features of piezo atomizers:

  1. Efficient Atomization: Piezo atomizers are known for their efficient atomization capabilities. They can convert liquid substances into a fine mist or aerosol with high precision and effectiveness. This feature ensures optimal coverage and distribution of atomized particles.
  2. Adjustable Droplet Size: Piezo atomizers offer the ability to adjust and control the droplet size of the atomized particles. By altering parameters such as voltage, frequency, or flow rate, the droplet size can be customized to suit specific application requirements. This flexibility enables fine-tuning of atomization processes.
  3. Precise and Uniform Spray Pattern: Piezo atomizers deliver a precise and uniform spray pattern, ensuring even coverage over the targeted area. This characteristic is crucial for applications such as coatings, inkjet printing, and crop spraying, where consistent distribution is essential for desired results.
  4. High Atomization Speed: Piezo atomizers can achieve high atomization speeds, allowing for rapid and efficient liquid-to-aerosol conversion. This feature is advantageous in applications where quick and immediate atomization is required, such as medical inhalation devices or high-speed printing processes.
  5. Low Energy Consumption: Piezo atomizers are known for their low energy consumption compared to other atomization techniques. They require minimal power input to generate the necessary vibrations for atomization, resulting in energy-efficient operation and reduced operating costs.
  6. Wide Range of Compatible Liquids: Piezo atomizers can effectively atomize a wide range of liquids, including water, oils, solvents, and suspensions. This versatility allows for diverse application possibilities across various industries, from medical and agriculture to printing and cosmetics.
  7. Compact and Lightweight Design: Piezo atomizers are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to integrate into different systems and devices. Their small form factor allows for space-saving installations, while their lightweight nature ensures minimal impact on the overall weight of the system.
  8. Fast Response Time: Piezo atomizers exhibit fast response times, enabling quick on/off switching and precise control over atomization processes. This characteristic is beneficial in applications where rapid adjustments or changes in atomization are required.

These features collectively make piezo atomizers highly desirable for atomization applications. Their efficiency, precision, adjustable droplet size, and compatibility with various liquids enable their use in a wide range of industries, providing effective and controlled atomization solutions.

  • Industrial humidification
  • Home humidification
  • Car fragrance
  • Skin care
  • Disinfection
  • Code Symbols


For Stainless Mesh Single Chip Atomizers

Model Dimensions ODxIDxPAxT*[mm] Frequency [kHz]±10 Impedance [ohm] Capacitance [nF]±30% Atomization quantity* [mI/min]±30%
SST-113-0.6.0D-1(6) 16×7.8x5x0.75 113 < 100 4.5 2.50
SST-113-0.6.0D-1(8) 16×7.8x5x0.75 113 < 100 4.5 4.50
SST-113-0.6.0D-1(10) 16×7.8x5x0.75 113 < 100 4.5 7.00
SST-113-0.6.0D-1(12) 16×7.8x5x0.75 113 < 100 4.5 8.50
PA*: Perforated area Atomization quantity*: the experimental liquid is water