A Leading Piezo Ceramic Partner

Piezo Direct has a stellar reputation in providing high-quality and high-performance custom piezoelectric components. Our customers trust us to provide consistently reliable piezo ceramic components, with on-time delivery and extremely affordable costs. Piezo Direct is a global piezo ceramic manufacturer and has a rich history built on minimizing all aspects of your overhead. With a strong R&D team, we have delivered some of the most complex and demanding piezo ceramic components to our customers, at highly competitive prices. Starting from raw materials, we excel in customizing piezo elements to meet all your shape and surface finishing requirements in order to be used for any application you desire.
Our specialties include:

  • Highly customized piezoelectric components
  • Piezo components such as cylinders, rings, discs, plates, etc.
  • Piezo transducers, actuators, sensors, transmitters, and atomizers
  • Custom ultrasonic parts, nebulizer parts, and more
  • Custom piezo components for many applications, including industrial, medical, commercial, and more

Many other types of complex piezoelectric components can be customized to your exact requirements.

With Piezo Direct Receiving a Quote is Fast and Private

Piezo Direct provides quick and private NDA exploratory quotes. Once you approve the project, your precision custom piezo components are delivered with unmatched quality

Piezo Direct Streamlines Your Concept to Production Process


Under NDA, after receiving your specifications we can provide pricing, project cost, and a preliminary schedule quickly.


Once the project is approved, we can create a detailed milestone schedule with bi-weekly updates to your team and on-call support when needed.


We provide first-phase piezoelectric components for your in-house testing. If additional modifications are required, we can make fast changes.

Ongoing Support:

We provide responsive ongoing support and custom piezo component upgrades.


Custom Piezo Components

Piezo tube actuators
Custom piezo actuators

Piezoelectric Actuators

Piezo actuators utilize the inverse piezoelectric effect to convert an electrical signal into mechanical energy capable of generating displacement. This energy conversion in piezo actuators is used in a wide variety of applications and industries due to their precise control and efficiency. There are several types of piezo actuators, including multilayer stack actuators, piezo strip actuators, piezo disc actuators, and piezo tube actuators. Learn how Piezo Direct can help you with your custom piezo actuator. 

Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors utilize the piezoelectric effect to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Piezoelectric sensors are able to detect mechanical changes in the environment and translate them to a proportional electrical output. These piezo components are mostly used in measuring pressure, vibrations, acceleration, strain, force, and movement. Piezoelectric sensors can be found in automotive, musical, medical, aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. Learn how Piezo Direct can help you with your custom piezo sensor.

Piezoelectric sensor products
Assorted piezoelectric transducers

Piezoelectric Transducers

Piezoelectric transducers can convert any form of pressure or mechanical stress into electrical energy and also translate that electrical signal into linear displacement. In other words, a piezoelectric transducer can be defined as a combination of a piezoelectric sensor and a piezo actuator. This combined effect found in piezoelectric transducers is widely used across industrial, automotive, aerospace, commercial, and medical industries for many applications where quick and precise measurements and adjustments are needed. Learn how Piezo Direct can help you with your custom piezo transducer.