Piezoelectric Bimorph

A Piezoelectric bimorph is a cantilever that is used for actuation or sensing and consists of two active layers. The piezoelectric bimorph can also have a passive layer between the two active layers. In actuator applications, if voltage is applied, the bimorph will bend causing one active layer to contract and the other to expand.

Applications of Piezoelectric Bimorph

There are many useful applications that take advantage of piezoelectric bimorphs. Some of most common applications are alarms, smoke detectors, keyboards, and buzzers.

Piezoelectric bimorphs are also commonly used in piezoceramic disc actuators. These are used in valve actuation, fans and micropumps.

Piezoelectric Disc Actuator
Smoke Detectors have Piezoelectric Actuators Inside
Hard-Drives Contain Piezoelectric Bimorphs
Strip Bending Actuators
Keyboards Contain Piezoelectric Bimorphs
Buzzers have Piezoelectric Bimorphs Inside

Advantages of Piezo Direct’s Piezoelectric Bimorphs

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