Piezo Direct Custom Products

Piezo Direct specializes in designing and delivering the most complex piezoelectric components for the world’s most demanding applications. Our technical expertise has enabled us to become a trusted supplier of these highly customized components. Here is a list of final products that our piezoelectric components can help power.

  • Communications: Antenna, Filter, Phaser, Resonator, etc.
  • Medical: Type B Ultrasonic, Nebulizer
  • Industrial: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Sonar
  • Automotive: Knock Sensor
  • Instrument: Heat Sensor, Bimorph Actuator, Flow Rate Sensor, Proximity Sensor
piezo sensors
Custom piezoelectric products from Piezo Direct
Piezo tube actuators

Piezoelectric Actuators

Custom piezo actuators utilizing the inverse piezoelectric effect. 

piezo sensor

Piezoelectric Sensors

Custom piezo sensors utilizing the piezoelectric effect.

piezo transducers

Piezoelectric Tranducers

Custom piezoelectric transducers for any application.

Piezo Direct can produce piezoelectric components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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Piezo Direct specializes in highly complex custom turnkey components as a result of excellent machining and surface finishing capabilities.

  • Tolerances of up to 0.002” can be consistently achieved through machining processes
  • Surface treatments and finishes include silver and/or nickel plating, protective coatings and others.

Our factory is one of the leading Piezo Ceramic producers in the world. Piezo Direct has maintained ISO 9001 since 2003 and TS16949 since 2011. With a very strong R&D team, we are continuously developing new piezo materials and technologies to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing markets. This keeps Piezo Direct at the leading edge of the piezo ceramic industry.

Piezo Direct also has extensive types of standard piezoelectric materials available.

All raw piezo materials are formulated in-house, enabling us to make true custom parts all the way from raw materials to finished, tested parts.

In summary, Piezo Direct specializes in providing you with CUSTOM piezoelectric components according to your requirements and specifications.  We give you the ability to truly customize the entire process, from the raw materials to the final size and shape.