Piezo Plates and Blocks

Piezo plates are thin sheets of ceramic. Piezo plates are used as piezo actuators or piezoelectric transducers. When a voltage is applied, the thin layer of piezoceramic deforms and/or vibrates. A DC voltage will cause the piezo plate to deform. An AC voltage will cause it to vibrate. Conversely, if mechanical strain (vibration or pressure) is introduced to the piezo plate, it generates a current. The latter effect allows the piezo plate to function as a piezoelectric sensor.

Piezo plates typically feature an axis of polarization in the direction of the thickness, which causes the material to deform in this direction, while contracting slightly in length and width. When used as a piezo actuator, piezo plates offer greater displacement than piezo multilayer stack actuators, at the expense of reduced force and accuracy levels. Piezo plates are typically finished as strips and discs. Strips deform in the center but will only deform on one end when the other end is fixed; piezo discs deform the greatest in the center. These components made from piezo plates can be engineered as a unimorph or bimorph. 

Piezo blocks can be any shape. These thick piezo blocks are used for power applications / generation. Due to their large size, blocks are not suitable for sensor applications. High power ultrasonic scalers / cleaners are the most widely used application for blocks. The thicker the block, the more power it will generate as a cleaner.

Piezo Direct offers a variety of piezo plates and blocks. Shape, finish, material, dimensions, and performance levels can all be customized! Piezo Direct’s plates and blocks are suitable for numerous applications. Unsure what you need? Contact us! Piezo Direct is more than happy to work with you to design a custom piezo part to meet your application requirements.

piezo plate

Piezo plates can be used as piezo actuators in various shapes, including piezo discs and multilayer piezo actuators.

Piezo Ceramic Actuators

Piezo block used as a GPS.
Piezo BlockPiezo block

Piezo DiscPiezoelectric disc