Custom Piezo Transducers and Low Cost Piezo Actuators 

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Piezo Direct Custom Capabilities as Piezo Suppliers – Custom Piezo Transducers and Low Cost Piezo Actuators

Piezo Direct is a global piezo company that specializes in fully custom piezo elements for every industry and application with many successful partnerships with multi-national corporations. For over 30 years, Piezo Direct has delivered a wide range of custom piezos, including piezoelectric transducers, piezo actuators, piezoelectric sensors, piezo transmitters, and atomizing transducers with full in house engineering and design support from our California headquarters. Piezo Direct is a trusted piezoelectric crystal manufacturer and partner you can rely on to deliver high quality, complex custom piezo components with extremely competitive pricing. We specialize in exceptional full service customization, service, and support to meet all your piezoceramic performance, shape, and surface finishing requirements for your desired application. From medical, to commercial, to aerospace, to piezoelectric energy harvesting, Piezo Direct can help you harness the capabilities of piezoelectric ceramics in increasingly innovative and novelty piezoelectric products. Explore below to learn more about Piezo Direct’s custom capabilities as piezo suppliers starting from raw materials to complex custom piezo elements.

Ultrasonic Piezo Elements – Ultrasound Transducer, Ultrasound Transmitter, Ultrasound Nebulizer​

Ultrasonic piezoUltrasonic transducers operate at extremely high frequencies to create vibratory ultrasonic piezo effects. Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers and transmitters work by converting an applied electrical charge (AC voltage) into a mechanical vibration movement. Ultrasonic piezos oscillate extremely rapidly at very high frequencies, allowing them to be used in motor and cleaning applications. In medical applications, ultrasound nebulizers are utilized to atomize fluids and medication into micron size aerosols to be inhaled. The powerful piezoceramic vibratory effects delivered by ultrasonic transducers, ultrasound transmitters, and ultrasound nebulizers are an extremely efficient and precise source of mechanical energy and controlled movement. Piezo Direct delivers ultrasonic piezo elements that can be customized to your specific performance requirements.

Piezo Transducers and Piezo Transmitters

For nonultrasonic applications, custom piezo transducers and piezo transmitters can convert one form of energy into another, such as the transfer of a mechanical input to an electrical output and vice versa. The piezoelectric transducer converts mechanical changes into an electrical signal, then uses that electrical input to perform necessary mechanical changes and make fine adjustments. Piezo transmitters can convert any form of pressure or mechanical stress into electrical energy, and also translate that electrical signal into physical movement. Piezo Direct offers fully custom piezo transducers and piezo transmitters for measuring and sensing applications, such as automotive sensors, piezoelectric energy harvesting, and much more.

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Piezo Sensors

Piezo sensors convert mechanical energy to electrical energy by detecting and capturing physical changes in the environment and translating them into measurable electrical outputs. Piezoelectric sensors are mostly used to measure vibrations, acceleration, strain, force, and movement, such as in microphones, instrument pickups and amplification, lighters, surgical equipment, flow measurement, automotive sensors, accelerometers, and much more. As with all other products, piezoelectric  ceramic sensors by Piezo Direct are fully customizable in shape, size, and performance.

Piezo Actuators

Piezo actuators convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. In contrast to piezo sensors, piezo actuators utilize the inverse piezo effect to generate physical displacement in response to an electrical input. When an electrical voltage is applied to a piezoceramic actuator, the piezo actuator will deform and generate precisely controlled physical displacement. Piezo stack actuators create a multiplicative effect of each piezo element in the stack and generate linear displacement proportional to the height of the piezo stack. The physical response of piezo actuators can be seen in alarms, printers, fine machinery, fuel injectors, valve and pump control, and dosing and medical equipment. Piezo actuators have very low energy consumption, high force generation and load capabilities, and can operate in vacuum and cryogenic environments. Piezo Direct offers low cost piezo actuators with very fast response times that can be customized to achieve a certain voltage and stroke.


If you are looking for a trusted piezo crystal manufacturer and piezo company partner to deliver high quality piezoelectric ceramics, please contact Piezo Direct at 650-375-7003 to learn more about our capabilities as custom piezo suppliers. Our in house engineering team can help you design low cost piezo actuators, piezoelectric sensors, atomizing transducers, or piezo transmitters under NDA with consistent communication and fast delivery. For fully custom piezo transducers, ultrasonic piezo, ultrasonic nebulizers, piezo stacks, and much more, explore our piezo elements by shape or by application and contact us with your piezoelectric ceramic request.

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