What are Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Nebulizers and Atomizing Transducers?

Ultrasonic nebulizers are often used to atomize liquid and fluid solutions by harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations. These ultrasonic piezo elements, also called atomizing transducers or piezo atomizers, work by creating a vibration mechanical response to an electrical input. When an electrical charge or input (AC voltage) is applied to the atomizing transducer, the piezo element generates ultrasonic vibrations. This extremely rapid oscillation is harnessed for ultrasonic nebulizer and atomizing applications. Piezo Direct offers atomizing transducers that can be customized to produce a wide range of flow rates and droplet sizes. Our engineers are able to assist in defining ultrasonic nebulizer specifications depending on your desired results. The uses for atomizing transducers are increasing everyday, and Piezo Direct is excited to be a partner in providing the best custom ultrasonic nebulizers and ultrasonic transducers for all applications. 

piezo atomizers
Atomizing transducers are piezo elements with mesh

What are Atomizing Transducers?

Atomizing transducers atomize liquids by using ultrasonic vibrations to push the liquid solution through a mesh layer, creating micron-size droplets. Let’s take a closer look at the component parts of piezo atomizing transducers. A fluid solution is placed in a reservoir, surrounded by a piezo element, usually a piezo disc. A perforated mesh layer with many tiny holes is places on top of the liquid reservoir and piezo element. When an electrical voltage is applied to an atomizing transducer, the piezo transducer generates ultrasonic frequencies. The rapid ultrasonic vibration from the atomizing transducer causes the fluid to be pushed through the mesh layer, producing tiny droplets or mist. The micron-size droplets produced by the atomizing transducer, or ultrasonic nebulizer, are extremely uniform in size and distribution because the mesh layer is engineered with a precise number of holes that are all a specific size. The number of holes and size of holes in the mesh disc is a key factor in determining the droplet size and flow rate. 

Ultrasonic Nebulizer Application

  • Medical nebulizers
  • Fragrance dispensers
  • Humidifiers
  • Steamers
  • Disinfecting devices

Piezoelectric ultrasonic nebulizers are a uniquely precise tool for creating and dispensing mist that can be found in medical nebulizers, fragrance dispensers, or cleaning devices. Perhaps the most common application of piezo ultrasonic nebulizers can be found in the name itself – nebulizers. Nebulizers are a commonly used medical device that is often used to treat asthma by using atomizing transducers to deliver medicine through tiny aerosols that are inhaled. One benefit of ultrasonic nebulizers is the ability to produce very small droplets that can safely and effectively be inhaled. Ultrasonic nebulizers are also seen in vaping devices, facial or sinus steamers, and other applications where the droplets must be safe to be inhaled. When an electrical signal is applied, the atomizing transducer will begin to oscillate at ultrasonic frequencies. The rapid oscillation pushes the medicine through the mesh layer to be delivered to the lungs. The droplet size is predefined by the size and number of holes in the mesh layer and there is minimal energy involved. The very small droplet sizes needed for safe inhalation is accurately and consistently achieved by piezoelectric ultrasonic nebulizers. The very fine particle sizes and long life of atomizing transducers make piezo ultrasonic nebulizers ideal in medical applications. 

ultrasonic nebulizer
piezo atomizer nebulizer
Ultrasonic nebulizers are found in many medical and commercial applications
Piezo atomizer in diffuser

Atomizing transducers can also produce larger droplets that can be seen in aroma diffusers and humidifiers. Ultrasonic oscillation disrupts the surface of the fluid with mechanical vibrations that forces the fluid to break apart into small droplets, expelled through the mesh layer on the piezo atomizing transducer. These atomizing ultrasonic nebulizers are ideal for commercial diffusers, humidifiers, and sprayers that require various levels of output depending on application. Consistent predefined droplet sizes, long life, no audible noise, and the lightweight and compact nature of piezo atomizing transducers make them ideal ultrasonic nebulizers for air humidifiers, aroma diffusers, paint sprayers, and much more.

Piezo Direct offers fully customizable atomizing ultrasonic nebulizers. Atomizing transducers can be customized to a certain number of holes of the same size to produce the exact output required. Contact us for more information!