Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators

Multi-layer low cost piezo actuator

What are Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators?

Multilayer piezoelectric actuators, also known as stack actuators, are exactly what they sound like – it’s a stack of multiple thin piezoelectric actuators. Due to several properties of piezoelectric crystals, this results in a multiplicative effect on the individual components’ output for the same voltage. In other words, where a single piezo actuator may expand by half a millimeter at 50 volts, a piezo stack actuator comprised of 100 actuators would expand by 50 millimeters with the same voltage. There are two types of multilayer piezoelectric actuators: discrete stacks and monolithic stacks, and the most important difference is their differing operational voltages.

Why would you use a Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator?

Multilayer piezoelectric actuators allow one to use piezoelectric materials to apply a much wider range of forces and displacements in a similarly wide range of operational voltages. This allows piezoelectric pieces to replace components made of other materials in extreme conditions (i.e. vacuums), where the latter would be inoperable or implausible. In other words, multilayer piezoelectric actuators amplify the power of piezoelectric actuators and effectively extend their applications.

Why is Piezo Direct the Best Choice?

Multilayer actuators intrinsically require many specifications and customizations. Everything from the operational voltage to the displacement generated can be changed based on engineering choices (i.e. how many layers are included). Piezo Direct is the perfect supplier for that. While we supply off-the-shelf designs, we allow total customization and specifications on our multilayer piezoelectric actuators. This provides you with the ability to maximize the flexibility and volatility that these actuators intrinsically have – all at a very competitive price.

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