About Piezo Direct

Piezo Direct has a successful history of producing the highest quality, most complex piezo-ceramic components for a wide range of applications. Our company was founded with a focus on always over-delivering, building a base of trusted partners, and providing the highest-quality products and service at the best prices available.

Today, we build piezoelectric components ranging from simple discs, to very complex, custom-made bimorph actuators.

Piezo Direct has streamlined the entire NDA quoting process, allowing you to quickly find out how much we can reduce your costs and improve your profitability. If you have a new project that requires high quality engineering, reliable communications, and the best pricing, Piezo Direct will be a design and supply partner that you can trust to get the job done.


  1. Can Piezo Direct provide me with custom assemblies?
    No. At Piezo Direct, we design, build, and deliver the piezoelectric ceramic components to be used in larger assemblies. However, our process allows you to customize the components to your exact specifications.

  2. How can I get a quote from Piezo Direct?
  3. There are 4 simple steps as to how this works:

    • Exploration – Under NDA, information you provide to Piezo Direct will allow us to quote your piezoelectric ceramic component or assembly cost, with a preliminary schedule.
    • Launch – Once the project is approved, Piezo Direct provides a detailed milestone schedule with bi-weekly updates to your team and immediate on-call support when needed.
    • Testing – Piezo Direct delivers first phase piezoelectric parts for your in-house testing. If additional modifications are required, we are set up to make fast changes.
    • Ongoing Support – Piezo Direct provides responsive ongoing support, component upgrades and ongoing cost reduction when available.

  4. What are some of Piezo Direct’s specialties?
  5. Some of our specialties as a Piezoelectric company include:

    • Highly customized piezoelectric ceramic assemblies
    • Piezo stack and stripe actuators
    • All types of piezo transducers
    • Custom piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic parts, nebulizers
    • Piezoelectric components as cylinders, rings, plates, etc.