Piezoelectric Bimorphs

What are Piezoelectric Bimorphs?

Piezoelectric bimorphs, as the name suggests, involve two separate pieces of piezoelectric ceramic put together in such a way that when a voltage is applied, the piece bends (only actuators do this, of course. Sensors and other applications may vary). This is a way to greatly magnify the power and range of a piezoelectric actuator. While a single piezoelectric crystal can only shrink or expand by a few millimeters at most, bimorphs can bend well over ten or a hundred times that range at the same voltage. These designs are extremely common in sound production; one can often find a piezoelectric bimorph in fire alarms, buzzers, and other sound producing devices.

Why would you use a Piezoelectric Bimorph?

Aside from sound production, piezoelectric bimorphs see applications in the form of disc actuators; these are commonly seen in valve, pump, and fan control, especially on a microscopic scale. An example of such is the inkjet printer. In some designs, extremely small nozzles with a piezoelectric bimorph at the base are used to deploy ink; these form a massive array of nozzles covering a page. When voltage is applied to any given piezoelectric base, the piece flexes quickly and sends a shockwave through the nozzle, pushing ink out the tip. This is both precise and consistent, as it is easy to control the amount of ink propelled through the nozzle, and reasonable control over the voltage applied results in very consistent movements from the piezoelectric piece. Again, this is just one of many many designs and applications of piezoelectric bimorphs.

Why is Piezo Direct the Best Choice?

Piezo Direct makes very high quality and high performance piezoelectric components, customized to fit your application’s needs. Not only can we handle complex designs, but we can also provide you with very competitive prices for the production and delivery. We offer high quality, low prices, and full customization, and considering the very wide range of applications and designs piezoelectric bimorphs can take, it’s only natural that we are the safest choice. Shape, size, material, you name it. Our engineers can guarantee that our product will meet all your requirements at low cost.

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