Our New Class of Piezoelectric Actuators and Assemblies

Interesting Information on a New Class of Piezoelectric Actuators and Assemblies from Piezo Direct

Many companies who are thinking about integrating piezoelectric components into future products often ask many questions regarding how piezoelectric actuators function in a wide array of products. Here are some interesting information facts about how this growing class of actuators perform.

Piezoelectric actuators work just like any other actuator – they convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, or vice-versa. This is made possible by the unique lattice structure of piezoelectric crystals, as internal electric forces interact with elastic mechanical forces acting on the crystal. What sets piezoelectric actuators apart from other types is the incredibly fine precision. Some modern applications require precision to the scale of micrometers. Furthermore, endless design possibilities of these actuators allow you to fulfill the requirements for a very wide and expanding range of applications.

Why would you use a Piezoelectric Actuator?

Piezoelectric actuators have extremely broad applications, and similarly, wide operational ranges. Heat, pressure, magnetism, and wear all affect piezoelectric actuators much less than they do other types of actuators. They see the most use in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), where their precise control and simplicity provides volatility and ease of use when compared to other actuators. The various designs of piezoelectric actuators allow for a wide range of operational voltages, working efficiently in ranges from hundreds to thousands of volts.

Piezo actuators can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, including piezo disc, piezoelectric tube, piezo stack actuator, piezo ring, and other custom piezo elements

Why is Piezo Direct the Best Choice

Piezoelectric actuators may have a very wide range of viable applications in MEMS, but that also entails specificity of design. As MEMS require extremely precise movements and even more precise design, it follows that those looking to use piezoelectric actuators need to be able to produce pieces that can fit any space, voltage, or power requirement.

That’s where Piezo Direct shines – we offer one-stop-shop customization on our piezoelectric products, allowing clients to build their products without limitations from individual piezoelectric components. In many cases Piezo Direct becomes involved in helping design and build piezoelectric actuator components. No other company can provide this type of integrated design capability, often reducing overall cost of production and continuous improvements if necessary.

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