Piezoelectric Company

What is Piezoelectricity?

Piezoelectricity or the piezoelectric effect is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical stress. This effect could also be reversed in that the material will produce an electric charge if mechanical stress is applied to it. The term for piezoelectricity comes from the Greek word “piezo” which means to squeeze or press.

Piezoelectric materials can be grouped into two categories: ceramics and crystals. Natural piezoelectric materials include quartz, cane sugar, Rochelle salt, etc. Man-made piezoelectric materials include lead zirconate titanate, barium titante, lithium niobite, etc.

The need for piezoelectric materials is on a constant up rise which means that the demand for piezoelectric companies is also going up. Both governments and investors are increasing their funding into piezoelectric devices and the U.S market size for piezoelectric devices should grow to $24.92 billion by 2023.

Piezoelectric Company

Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics

The applications of piezoelectric ceramics are endless. As our knowledge of piezoelectricity grows, this piezoelectric material will be used in more and more products. For example, piezoelectric materials are now being researched for energy harvesting purposes. In Tokyo, several train stations use piezoelectric energy to generate the power needed to run the ticket machines and electronic displays. California has funded two piezoelectric projects last year to test the efficiency of energy harvesting. The first project will be to build a 60-meter stretch of roadway near UC Merced and the 2nd project will use similar piezoelectric devices to generate power. California state officials say if the experiments works well, they will expand this project to other roads in the state.

Why PiezoDirect?

As one of the leading piezoelectric companies in the U.S, we have a rich history built on minimizing all aspect of your overhead.

Some of our specialties as a piezoelectric company include:

  • Highly customized piezoelectric assemblies
  • Piezo stack and stripe actuators
  • All types of piezo transducers
  • Custom ultrasonic parts, nebulizers
  • Piezo components as cylinders, rings, discs, plates, etc.
  • Any complex piezoelectric component or assembly can be customized to your exact requirements

PiezoDirect’s Streamlined Concept to Production Process

As a piezoelectric company, we want to make the concept to production process as simple as we can for our customers. I don’t believe any other piezoelectric company has a process that can deliver your needs as simple as us.

  1. Exploratory – Under NDA, information you provide to Piezo Direct will allow us to quote your piezoelectric component or assembly cost, with a preliminary schedule. You receive this pricing, project cost and schedule quickly and efficiently.
  2. Launch – Once the project is approved, Piezo Direct provides a detailed milestone schedule with bi-weekly updates to your team and immediate on-call support when needed.
  3. Testing – Piezo Direct delivers first phase piezoelectric parts for your in-house testing. If additional modifications are required, we are set up to make fast changes.

4. Ongoing Support – Piezo Direct provides responsive ongoing support, component upgrades and ongoing cost reduction when available.