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Markets Served by Piezo Direct

Piezo Direct serves a wide range of industrial and commercial markets with our custom piezoelectric components. We excel in producing and delivering some of the most difficult and challenging piezo ceramic products.

Here are some of the major vertical markets we serve and a few of the piezo ceramic products we specialize in:

Medical and Cosmetic:

Type-B Ultrasonic
Cosmetic devices (weight reduction)
Bone conduction hearing aids
Nebulizer (atomizer)
Ultrasonic surgical instruments


Transducers, sensors
Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic motors
Sonar equipment
Inkjet pumps


Heat sensor
Flow rate measuring
Transducers for torque measurement
Oil drilling depth measuring equipment
Various ultrasonic machinery


Sensors, resonators, phasers

Emerging Technology

Various IOT Devices
Electronic Motors

Nano Positioning

Piezo positioning stages
Microscope and imaging systems
3D printing and linear motors
Pumps and valve drivers


Fiber positioning, add/drop multiplexers
Focusing devices for optical and electronic microscopes
Turntable lasers

Medical & Life Science

Piezo-based drug dispenser valves

Aerospace, Automotive, Vehicles

Thruster controls, active trailing edge
Fuel injector for common rail systems
Active vibration, noise cancellation systems

Injection Valve

Non-contact dispensing
IC dispensing
LED dispensing
Camera module dispensing

Sound Production Devices

Replacement of conventional smartphone speakers


RFID antennas
GPS antennas
Resonators (cell base stations)
Chip BT antennas
Consumer antennas

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